Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Glad som ett barnkalas!

(="Happy like a kids' birthday party").
No it's actually not a saying, not even in Swedish, but I heard this line in a song today and liked it. It is kind of how I feel, so suits well!

This year (as you know, "my" year start at the school start) is flying by! It's already October, where does time go?! Only 1 1/2 more weeks until another week of school holidays! It feels like the kids have hardly been at school so far, tons of public holidays and now already Midterms!

Nathan is busy planning all the training to be done before his trip down to NZ for the race in November, and also planning the trip of course. It'll be an only-guys-one this year, no families are coming along.
I'm sure the boys will have a blast and they can do all the riding (and beer-drinking... and fishing ;)...) they want without having to think about anyone else..!

And I'm happy (as a kids' party!) because I've finally got around to booking the kids' and my tickets back to Sweden for December! We're going back just for a couple of weeks, to get a taste of the very important Advent time in Sweden - and then back home for another Christmas in the tropics!
I'm so looking forward to wearing woolly jumpers, boots and scarves; going to Christmas markets, drinking glögg and eating pepparkakor; making Christmas crafts and listening to Lucia concerts; buying Christmas presents and admiring all the beautiful lights... Lovely!

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