Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween Party 2010

We had a busy day today, there was sleepovers going on from last night, and Lucas had a birthday party to go to in the afternoon, before the Halloween Party! This birthday party was a "Hawaiian Pool Party", but Lucas came straight in his swimmers so wasn't really wearing any dress-up. When I came to pick him up, they were busy doing the limbo! :)

Linnea had got ready at home, this year she was a little Devil Princess in a glossy red dress and with horns and a spear and everything. She was most happy she was allowed some of my make-up though, we tried to make her look extra scary!

I ended up leaving the birthday party with one extra child. One of Linnea's little friends, Judie, wanted to come with us rather than stay at the Hawaiian party (not so many girls there...). She wasn't too bothered she didn't really have the right dress-up on, ha ha - I guess luau girls can be scary too?

There was lots of great costumes, this was one of my favourites:

Lucas was a werewolf:

At the Yacht Club the Halloween Party was in full swing. The kids were separated in year groups, and went around to different "stations" and did lots of scary stuff. Here the 5-7 year group is in the Crazy Professor's Laboratory:

Linnea wasn't convinced, she dug into her 'trick or treat' stash instead:

Lucas and the Crazy Professor "Igor":

Trying touching different gooey stuff: assorted eyeballs, guts, finger jelly, ear soup etc... Iach!

The pumpkin carving competition:

Costume parade:

They also went treasure hunting, looking for clues all over the Yacht Club - great fun! Here they are in full pursuit, from one clue to another:

And when they finally found the treasure - it was a big bag of goodies for each child, yum!

It was a great afternoon, a fabulously well organized event! The kids had a great time and really got into the Halloween feeling!

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