Sunday, 10 October 2010

A perfect ten

Since I'm a sucker for nice number combinations (I'm still disappointed Linnea wasn't born one day earlier, would've been 201005, or 051020 in Sweden, really cool numbers!) - I really like today's date! It's a shame nothing really special have happened, would've been easy to remember..! :)
101010... ultimately cool!

It's kind of just been another Sunday with another birthday party, quite normal weekend procedure. Here's the beautiful cake:

Daniel, Linnea and Ben, the three musketeers soon to become two:

Our Danish friends will be unfortunately be leaving Brunei for good at the end of the year. It's always sad to loose friends, and especially these.

Linnea will be ok, she's such a social butterfly she'll flutter on and enjoy other/new friends (she was too busy digging into the party bag to really take in the news too...). Us adults will be fine as well, there's Skype and email after all, and maybe we'll have to make an extra stop on our trip home next time, or in Denmark!
I'm a little bit worried about Lucas though, Malthe really is his best, best friend. They've know each other for more than half their lives already and they so enjoy each others company and play really nicely together. They share the same silly gene that always comes out whenever they are together!

It'll be hard to say goodbye (and it always sucks being the ones left behind), but we still have a couple of months to make the most of, to think about that just yet!

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