Monday, 4 October 2010

Ten years ago

Ten years ago was a Wednesday. Although it was in the middle of the week - it was actually party time!
The airline I worked for back then had a big party and me and a lot of my friends were really geared up for a good night.
I still remember what I was wearing (and I still have that dress..!). I still remember going to my friends before for a drink. I still remember getting the bus there. I still remember most things about that evening, it was indeed a very good night!

Amongst other things that happened, there was this pilot there who kind of stood out, because we didn't have any foreigners in our company and this one spoke English? Odd. Turned out he had been brought along by one of our pilots, and he actually worked for another airline.
However, he was dead annoying! He seemed to take a fancy to me and everywhere I went, he was just there - by the toilets, at the dance floor, between me and the bar - every time.

Nothing happened that night. I danced the night away, had a few too many "Brandbiler" & "Ragnar" and went home alone.
But, that was the beginning. That very annoying pilot who had crashed our party, that was Nathan. Ten years ago today, we met for the first time.
Ten years already - and look where we are today! ♥


Nathan said...

Not how I remember it!

Åretruntparadiset said...

Grattis på tioårsdagen!

Jason said...

It's how I always remember you Nathan. Annoying!