Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wishful thinking

As I've mentioned before, shopping isn't great here in Brunei. There is hardly any of the big chains here at all. If you're not lucky to get away on holiday to stock up on your shopping, the nearest place to go for some serious shopping would be Singapore.
I tend to go over there just for the day every now and then, to browse around and get what I need. There is only one major flaw with Singapore - they don't have H&M! (Closest H&M is in Hong Kong.)

So guess if I was surprised when I discovered these in the budget supermarket Giant today:

L.O.G.G t-shirts!? From H&M!? (For the fab price of $5.99 each!)

I wonder if it was all my wishful thinking that made them materialize here in Brunei..?

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