Sunday, 21 October 2007

Happy Birthday dear Linnea!

Today it is Linneas birthday, our little girl is turning 2 years old! (Even though she herself insists she is turning three...)

It has been a very good day so far. The day started already at 05.20 when the birthday-girl woke up and refused to go back to sleep, so we had the singing and present-opening in bed then. She had quite a few presents to open, that had been turning up from here and there:

Lucas was very helpful too!

A pair of cool sunglasses from our family in Oz, with the Wiggles, of course!

She got new bedding for her dolls-bed, a Schleich reindeer family and a soft rabbit from Mormor & Morfar in Sweden; and a "Bamse og Kylling"-DVD from her godmother Kamilla in DK.

A Dora-outfit, the sunglasses, a cute little doll in a bag and a UV-suit from the cousins in Australia; some LittlePeople figures from Grandma and Grandad in NZ and a dancing doll from our amah.
We had got her some Schleich animals as well, and a hen house in wood to add to the farm.

Then she came downstairs, and there were even more presents! She got a sink (in wood, to match her Mikki-stove), and a microwave (again, in wood) and there was also a trike waiting for her! (In this picture is ALL the presents though!)

She immediatly took Pooh-bear for a spin!

At 10.00 we had arranged a birthday party at the Yacht Club, with our friends. Kids of all ages had fun, swam and played and had yummy lunch.
The grown-ups had coffees and gin&tonic, and later we all tucked into the yummy chocolate fudge Dora-cake!

We spent about six hours there today (not all our guests stayed that long), and it was absolutely gorgeous! It's a bit weird though, to have a autumn-birthday in over +30 degrees heat!
Linnea recieved some lovely wooden sorting toys from the Sparrows, some wooden biscuits for her kitchen from the Scotts, a LittleTikes fishing rod from the Cummings and a book about fairies with some fairy wings from the Turners.

Here is a little slideshow from the party:


Dosiss said...

Happy Birthday Linnea!

LUXLIV said...

Gud så söt hon är. Stort grattis på födelsedagen Linnea! Kram från Lux

Cissi said...

Stort grattis till stora tjejen! Ni ser ut att ha haft en superdag!

Mia said...

Grattis i efterskott till lilla damen! Vilken fin födelsedag du fixade åt henne. Hon har helt klart världens bästa mamma!