Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Time flies...

Today we have been here a month. It feels more like half a year already!
We have really settled in amazingly quick all of us, and that is great.

Lucas loves school, Nathan enjoys work (and the fact that there is not much of it!), we have made new friends, socialized with old ones; created new and healthier routines for the whole family, with more exercise/sport and healthier meals etc.

Linnea will start tomorrow at a private nursery-group, held by one of our friends, who receives a small group of children twice a week, for three hours at a time, at her home. She keeps them entertained with all sorts of fun play and different activities.
Linnea will be joining on Thursday mornings, it will do her good to make some friends of her own, play somewhere without Mummy and Daddy; and will give me time to do something just for me.

I'm meeting up with a local girl tomorrow, that I have found thanks to the internet. She is a dedicated scrapper, just like me, and is going to take me to her cousin who has a home-based scrap-shop!
I really hope that she is really nice, so that we can get together for scrap-evenings etc in the future! Nice to have someone to scrap with!

There are still a few things on our to-do list. Like finalizing the car deal, getting our credit cards so we can start our memberships in different places and the big one: find a house. It will all happen eventually - maybe by this next month!

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