Wednesday, 31 October 2007

A not so fun first

We had our first visit to the Doctor today. It was a double-whammy actually, both me and Linnea.

Linnea has had some blisters on her legs, after having fallen over, and being bitten - that she has scratched, and they now don't look very good at all.
We had planned to take her in to the Doctor to see if we could get some better cream for it, than the ones we have at home.

But then, I started having stomach cramps in the middle of the night. Thought it might have been the prawns we had for dinner last night, but neither Nathan or our dinner guests felt any different, so probably not.
This morning it just got increasingly worse, I had to stay in bed, whining from the pain and the cramps. I threw up several times, every time I tried to have just the slightest mouthfull of water - it just came back up.

So we went to the Doctor, all of us.
Linnea got antibiotics, and cream for her leg. She has got a skin infection the poor thing.
I got stop-vomitting-tablets, stop-belly-ache-tablets and some rehydration-sachets. It seems like I have stomach flu, cause it has been going around.

Not so fun. Linnea is ok, apart from the fact that she wasn't too impressed with the medicin, at all.
I have litteraly been in bed all that (thank God for the amah!), with my hot wheat pillow and my bowl next to the bed, cause when it came, I didn't have time to make it to the toilet.
It seems to have calmed down now. On the second attempt, I got to keep the pills, and I have had some water and rehydration mixture.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...


Mia said...

Krya på dig!!


Dosiss said...

Stackars stackars dig. Maginfluensa är inte kul. Hoppas att de andra i familjen klarar sig och er Amah oxâ. Kram.