Sunday, 14 October 2007

In holiday mode

This weekend have been a real "feels-like-we-are-on-holiday-weekend"!
All day yesterday we spent at the Empire, bobbing around in the pool and building sand castles on the beach, slurping yummy smoothies and playing with friends.
All day today we spent at the Yacht Club, both in the pool and on the beach; and playing with the cute puppies they have there.

Nathan and the kids, in the small pool at the Yacht Club.

Lucas, with his "gobbles".

And Linnea, with her trusty floaties.

I guess most weekends will look like this actually. This is quite simply life here in Brunei - in the pool, at the beach, chilling and taking it easy. Enjoying good food in good company. It couldn't be better!


Mia said...

*aah* that sounds _nice_!!

*taking another Lemzip and looking at the blowing leaves outside..*

annakey said...

Sounds good to me! Anna