Thursday, 4 October 2007

Off to a good start!

We left Linnea at our friend's playgroup this morning for the first time.
She kissed us both bye-bye and wasn't the slightest worried to see us go. When we came to pick her up after three hours, we were greeted by a very happy little girl, who had had a wonderful time!

We got told that she had been absolutely fantastic, not a tear, not a tantrum; had caused no worries at all.
We know of course, that our daughter is not the worrying kind, neither is she shy or aloof but instead very independent and outgoing; but still, it's nice to hear it from other people!

She had made four little paintings that we brought home to stick on the wall in their "playroom", and she was so proud to show them off to Lucas when he got home from school.

Our big girl!


Ainol Razman said...

I am also an expat in Brunei. You have a lovely blog here.

What made you choose to send your children to JIS as opposed to ISB? Just curious to find out. I have to make a decision to soon.

Watson Family said...

... To Ainol:
Thank you! We decided to go with JIS upon recommendation from friends who already had their kids there, and were very happy.
Heard good things about both though.

annakey said...

Vad skont att hon trivs. Dert gor ju allt sa mycket lattare. kram anna