Friday, 19 October 2007

Me, a 'Lady of Leasure'?

I heard from a friend today that the big Swedish evening newspaper Aftonbladet was running a small ad (scroll down the right of the page) called "Är du en lyxfru utomlands? Mejla och berätta!" (=Are you a 'lady of leasure' abroad? Email us and tell us about it!)

I don't know... do you think I qualify..? This has been my day:
We went to the Yacht Club this morning to have lunch, and take kids for a bit of a swim. When we came back home, the whole house was clean, all the toys were tidyed away (for the 2nd time today already), the laundry was ironed and put away, the dinner was ready and there were freshly baked muffins for dessert!

Oh, such a hard life! ;)
There is only the champagne and pralines missing!

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