Saturday, 27 October 2007


I think we have bread a "why-child"... and it's not "like father like son" in this case - no, it's the daughter!

Linneas speech is really taking off at the moment, she talks all the time. Non stop. And about every second statement is: -"Whosda?", which comes out sort of in one word.
Sometimes it actually means "who is that?", but mostly it means "what is that?", and she is asking about everything...

If my ears are about to fall off already now, imagine how it will be eventually when she will be able to talk properly - someone, give me some earplugs!


Dosiss said...

- Why Mummy, why???

After xxx times...



eia said...

Not "like father like daughter", no, it is "like mother like daughter". We know.

Mormor & Morfar (in Sweden)

And we know that the "why-period"
will be longer an harder . . . .

Mia said...

Here it is:

Stå de, mamma? (vad står det?)

dossis: With I I actually invented the word thingy.. "It's a ...cupboard thingy..* etc. You just run out.