Monday, 22 October 2007

This thing with languages...

The following conversation took place in the jaccuzzi at the Country Club the other day, Lucas and Nathan were in it - and so was some other people (who we didn't know) who sounded suspiciously Scandi.

-Dad (Lucas whispering) they speak Spanish!!
-Oh (confused) do they? Really?
-Yes. (Very proudly) I speak Spanish!
-No pal, you speak S w e d i s h.
-Do I ?!?

Then he thought a bit more:

-No Daddy, I speak svenska! (=Swedish)


Cissi said...

ja det är inte lätt med dessa språk :)

Mia said...

*fnis* det e inte lätt det där. I har precis börjat acceptera att Svenska e Swedish. :)

malin2 said...

Min lilla tjej brukade speak swedish and language...
language är engelska