Monday, 8 October 2007

More 'firsts'

This past weekend we had another couple of 'firsts'.
First visitors, although, they didn't stay at our place but the Scotts, since they are mutual friends of ours. It was the Parrott family - Ulrika, Alex, André, Oliver and Liam.
They live half the year in the UK and half the year in NZ, so on their way back/home now, they stopped here in Brunei for a couple of days.

It was great seeing them again, we went out for dinner all the adults on Friday night; and the kids have been playing and having fun. Their youngest, Liam, is the same age as Lucas.
Yesterday we all went to the Empire, and literally spent all day in the water, apart from a half hour lunch break! The boys were having a blast in the lagoon, and in the different pools at the club.

Here is Lucas and Liam, the buddies.

Lucas and Liam at the lagoon.

Lucas and Liam waiting for lunch.



Linnea having some milkshake at lunchtime.

Lucas chilling a bit.

It was also time for Lucas first birthday party in the afternoon. His friend Abbie from school celebrated her 4th birthday, at the local Jungle Gym. Fun for the kids, hell for the parents...

The kids got to play, got some lunch, got some balloons and got to meet the Jungle Gym Elephant - to Lucas great excitement!

We were all so tired after this long day, that we slept in this morning by accident, and actually didn't wake up until when we normally leave home to go to school... But we made it anyway!

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