Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A different kind of shoppingcart

Our new amah started yesterday. She is going to be with us full time now, if it all works out and we all get along.
The children already adore her, so that shouldn't be a problem. It's just me who have to get used to not be "allowed" to lift a finger, and have someone around all the time; which in this house, is being a bit weird, cause it is so small.

We sat down yesterday and set the menu for the week. Minda will be doing all the cooking from now on, and today we went together to the supermarket. I wanted to bring her, so she could stock up on the things she uses and will need for her cooking.

That was a different experience!
We came home with so much food (and only have a little fridge...), loads of veggies - most of which I don't know the name of or even less know what I would use it for! It is going to be fun and interesting, to taste her food! She will cook both western, local and Asian food. Tonight we are having sweet-and-sour chicken, yum!


Jenny said...

Hej, jaha vilket lyxliv du verkar att leva!! Egen kock och gar till beauty parlour och far manikyr......... Snygg bil ni ska kopa!
Hoppas att ni triva dar nere och attd et gar bra for barnen i skolan.
Allt ar som vanligt har hemma. Regn och gratt!
Kram Anna

annakey said...

Vet ej varfor det star "Jenny Said" ???

Dosiss said...

Coucou! Vad underbart att ha ngn som lagar ny exotisk smak! Snälla, smygtitta i köket och delge mig goda vegetariska recept.