Thursday, 25 October 2007

First swimming lesson

I had my first swimming lesson today!
Yes, I do know how to swim, but I still wanted some coaching, to make my swimming more efficient - and maybe finally learn how to do it all properly. I especially want to learn how to do freestyle, so I can get rid of my "old-lady-with-head-high-over-surface"-style I use now...

This is how the pool looked when I came:

No one there! Perfect!

I really enjoyed my hour of privat coaching today. We will keep on it once a week for a couple of weeks, until I have got the techniques working properly. Then my swim coach will work out a routine for me to follow, in order to get a proper workout out of it.
I was so proud of myself today, after I "got it" - felt like a little kid who just wanted to show someone "look what I can do!".


Mia said...

I am so impressed by your approach to your new self. Swimming is an absolutely fantastic way of toning and strengthening your body!

Keep it up! :)

Cissi said...

wow!! gud vad du är duktig!! jag simmar med huvudet ovanför vattnet jag ;)