Saturday, 6 October 2007

We are all the winners!

The best (and almost only) way of getting Lucas to do things at the moment, is to race him, or make him race Linnea. It works every time!
"Who's getting into their pyjamas first?" "Who will finish their dinner first?" "Who gets to the toilet first?" etc - and off he goes with incredible speed!

Same goes for in the morning, when he "just-wants-to-finish-this-or-this-on-tv" before we go to school - all I have to do is to remind him that Abbie, Bon or Hannah (the other kids in his Kindy class who lives in Rimba) will get there first, and he is out in the car in a flash.

-"Jag vinner"" (=I'm winning) is a very common phrase in our house at the moment.

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