Friday, 19 October 2007

From Lucas perspective

We gave Lucas one of our old cameras to play with today and let him run around take pictures as he pleased with it. He took some both this afternoon, and some now tonight.
At first he was very concentrated...

Then he started directing us, as you will see in some of the photos - and thought it was absolutely hilarious!

The evening photos unfortunately, are not as good, as there was no natural light, but I'm putting some of them up here anyway. So here it goes, a little slideshow for you to see how the world looks like, from Lucas perspective (be patient, it uploads slowly):


Mia said...

*Wow* It is quite interesting to see the world out of their view. We let I have a camera when we were viewing houses, talk about spotting things we didn't thought of looking at!

Very impressed by the slide show!

Dosiss said...

Hi hi, so funny and interesting to share his perspective; mum, dad, sister, tv and food!