Friday, 5 October 2007

While waiting

While waiting for our new car (will get it next week, as soon as we get our Bruneian drivers licences sorted) I thought I'd tell you a little bit about the traffic here:

Traffic here is far from the mad, hectic rushed traffic we used to experience in the UK. We have the occasional pile-up and queues, during rush hours, just like everywhere else - but nowhere to the extent of what it was like in the UK.

Apart from the occasional exotic sighting of lizards (see below) or maybe some monkeys, there are not much to get excited about in the traffic here.

You have to be quite wary though while driving, cause although there are of course traffic rules here, people don't seem to know them - or they just don't care!
For example, it is more a rule than exception that when they are in the outside lane of a roundabout, they intend to go all the way around...
Another thing with roundabouts is when they approach a roundabout, with the intention to go a whole lap and go back the way they came - most people just drive the wrong way along the roundabout instead!

You will be lucky to see anyone who uses their indicator. Mostly people just change lanes or turn off, as they please - so you have to be a bit of a mind reader.

But the thing I find most dangerous actually, is that some people just drive sooo slow! Ridiculously slow, like 40 km/hour, on the motorway! So there you are, barrelling down in high speed, and all of a sudden this car seems to appear out of nowhere in front of you - driving with the speed of a lawnmower, which forces you hit the breaks far too hard for the comfort of anyone in your car...

Well, soon I will have my big car, no one will mess with me then!

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