Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Off we go!

Linnea seems to like her new bike! She hasn't quite figured out how to pedal just yet, but Lucas is often helping out by pushing her around.

Most of all she enjoys loading the bike up with all her little bags and dolls and toys!


Mia said...

What a cutie! L has been sitting on her tricycle demanding :"Köööööör!" evertime she has been on it, but then she tried when it was indoors, in our hallway and then she got it, so indoors is a brilliant way of starting, because the wheels go more easily on the flat floor.

I am amazed by the prices you have got. :)

Have a good day!!

Anna said...

Vad härligt, min lilla Emma får oxå en trehjuling när hon fyller två på lördag. hoppas det blir lika lyckat.

anna uk