Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Yesterday, after having spent over four hours at the Swimming Pool (at Linnea's request), I had seen there was another theater-type happening in town. Normally not much happen around here, so I thought we better go see what it was all about.

It was called 'Trollsommar' and was described as an interactive theater performance where the kids got to take part in the story. We saw something similar to this in Karlstad a couple of years ago, and really enjoyed it.

There was only about 10 kids in the audience, so they really got a personal performance! The actors were great, and the show was full of improvs, so many that even the actors improvised themselves silly and at some points couldn't stop laughing!

The three trolls Mosse, Bark and Smultron - in search of an adventure:

The genie in the lamp:

The nasty witch, ordering the trolls to be killed off:

Here's Lillemor, who's supposed to eat Mosse, but since he's so nice to her, she decides not to, and later falls in love with him!

And this is Tamburmajoren, who's supposed to slash up Smultron. Turns out she's a better sword fighter than him! Ha!

Finally, Bark is supposed to get killed by his reflection, bit his friends came to his rescue:

The trolls made Tamburmajoren and The Witch fall in love, to eliminate the threat:

Finally the solved the last problems with some magic, at the help of all the kids, "Sassa, brassa, mandelmassa!"

After the show all the kids that wanted to could become trolls themselves.

They had to pass at sword fighting training, pretending to beat an ugly old troll:

Then they had to go through a little obstacle course to get to Smultron, where they got their own tails and freckles:

Very cute freckled faces!

Finally they had to swear the troll oath, holding their tails...

... and get their troll names with the help of a very advanced (...) troll name generator = two dice and a long numbered list:

When getting your troll name, you got a name tag, and then you got registered with your real name, your home town and your troll name in the big troll book! Very cool!

Lucas became 'Snöberg' and Linnea 'Björngren'. 

Such a great night! So many belly laughs!

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