Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Oh, so ombre

My hairdresser is in town and I had an appointment on Monday, perfect timing, the day before school started and everything. But now it'll be nine weeks until she comes back, and even though I really like my really blond hair, I hate the ugly dark regrowth even more.
I had googled for inspirational photos of the ombre effect on shorter hair as you normally see it more often on girls with long, luscious locks and I didn't know if it would work. I managed to find quite a few though and decided to go for it. Since Nathan doesn't like it when I cut my hair short, I thought a slight colour change could be fun too!

As my hair didn't really take to the first application of the dark colour, it took well over four hours on Monday before I was done. Jacky curled it for me as I was going out that evening, and this is how I looked:

I wasn't totally happy though, it hadn't turned as blond as I wanted in the ends and it felt really, really dark. So I went back today, to have the ends lightened up a bit more:

Now there is more of a contrast between the dark and light, still with a nice graduation, and the ends are much lighter - I love it! Quite a daring change for being me, and I'm not sure I'll stick with it for long, but it's fun to look a little bit different every now and then. What do you think?

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MrsC said...

Love love love! Kjempefint! Syns den kortere klippen er fin ogsa. Jeg MA komme meg til frisoren snart. Jeg har ikke vart siden nyttar:( Tenkte klippe en lang bob nar jeg drar neste gang:)