Sunday, 18 August 2013

Happy Birthday

My granddad would've turned 90 today. Unfortunately he died only months before his 80th birthday that he had been looking forward to so much. 
Today we left some flowers, to remember him and his birthday. 

He didn't get to meet Lucas unfortunately, but at least I had just been in Sweden that summer, and I had just shared the baby news with him. 
He wasn't so much looking forward to becoming a "Gammelmorfar" (=Great-Granddad) as he was looking forward to my Mum becoming a Grandma! :D

Even though I miss them, I feel very blessed I got to keep all my grandparents until I was an adult.

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MrsC said...

Sa fint dere har pyntet! Besteforeldre er virkelig betydningsfullt for et liv - syns det er sa synd at jentene mine (og dere i Brunei i samme situasjon) ikke har mamma og dem i narheten:( Jentene gar liksom glipp av noe fint som jeg fikk oppleve!