Thursday, 15 August 2013

Circus School

The last few days the kids have been going to 'Circus School' here in town. Actually at my old music school where I have spent many, many hours rehearsing with the orchestra... It was a weird feeling to return there, it was all so much smaller than I remembered!

Now it houses a school, and the Circus School was held in their newly refurbished and very flash gym:


The Circus School was 1 1/2 h a day for the last three days, and both Linnea and Lucas made a bunch of new friends. It's so nice they always make friends very fast! 
My plan for them to practice their Swedish backfired a little though when we realized there was another pair of siblings that were bilingual, and a boy that came from the US that only spoke English... :/

They got to try and train a bunch of different circus disciplines, like riding (modified) unicycles, the diabolo, balancing on moving balls, acrobacy, juggling etc etc.


Lucas on the unicycle while Linnea is trying to juggle:

Linnea doing acrobacy with one of her new friends on her shoulders:

Linnea balancing, while Lucas is planning a trick in the background:

Linnea on the ball, while Lucas is throwing rings for his friends to catch with their necks:

This Circus School was hosted by a Russian 3rd generation circus artist named Roman, who makes a living from travelling around Sweden hosting these Circus Schools. 
He was very good with the kids, and they've really had so much fun these past few days. Every night they went to bed telling me how excited they were for the next day! I wish there was a circus summer camp I could send them to!

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