Sunday, 4 August 2013

On a sunny afternoon

It's not easy to keep everyone happy during the holidays. On one hand I want the kids to experience lots of new things, and come back to school with tons of memories of an exciting holiday. On the other hand I also want them to come back rested and recharged, not exhausted from all the adventures!

This summer I decided to emphasize on having holidays maybe more than anything else. 
I'm trying not to overfill our days, but leave space for time where the kids can just "be" - chill on the sofa, play iPad, watch TV (ha ha, that's a perfect Swedish lesson if nothing else!), read etc.

So it's not much action going on. Although we try to have something planned every day it doesn't have to be "big" things. The other day the outing was an afternoon trip to the little petting zoo/playground at Mösseberg, by Falköping. Swings, moon cars, a zip line; cute goats, pigs, cows, horses - sunshine and a picnic, what more do you need for a perfect afternoon?

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