Thursday, 1 August 2013

At the blue and yellow palace

After our lunch stop in Malmö it was time to get back to Skara again. My parents picked us up in Malmö and we set off on the long drive. It takes about 5 hours to get from Malmö to Skara.

We had planned to stop and have dinner in the truck, but the kids were desperate (yes, desperate I tell you!) to get to IKEA. The nearest IKEA to us is normally 80k away, so since we were passing that on the way home, we thought - why not?

Unfortunately it turned out that Småland, the playland, closed an hour before the shop itself - boo! 
But the kids weren't too down about it, they were actually happy just going for a quick stroll through the shop, and getting their 5kr soft ice!

Linnea did tell me upon entering the shop part that if I would find something I liked, I should buy it! That's my girl!
(I only bought some resealable, reusable plastic bags though, an odd purchase I know, but I'm going to use them for something special that'll all be revealed soon..!)

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