Saturday, 10 August 2013

Raising the pulse

I went for a run our first day in Aberdeen, a lovely 6k run along the countryside. Thoroughly enjoyed it too and had great plans on running or doing other kinds of excersice every other day the whole summer holiday. 
Until the next day when I could hardly walk...

I was in so much pain on the outside of my foot, and the Doctor said I had probably overstrained a ligament, running too far and not being used to the hard surface. So no more running for me for at least six weeks. Great. Not. 

I still tried to go for my forest walks while here in Sweden, but I could feel the pain coming back each time so finally I resigned to doing not much more than normal walking around. 
Until today!
My cousin Johan kindly offered to take me for a ride (on Nathan's bike) this afternoon. My Garmin wasn't charged enough unfortunately, so I have no exact idea how far we went; but we were out for 1h20 and 'MapMyRide' says nearly 30k. I sure can feel it it my legs... and bum!


And after:

Now I'm more confident riding here and will probably go out a few more times next week, on my own. The roads here are all nice and wide, and there's not a lot of traffic, it feels really safe. 
I feel motivated again!

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