Saturday, 3 August 2013


Three weeks in a row there has been some summer entertainment in the center of town, in the form of "Skarakvällarna". We managed to catch the last show last night, and had a really good time.
We went in to town in plenty of time, and got good seats in the middle, but quite close to the stage. Lucas has been watching "Allsång på Skansen" with me many times, so he knew what it was all about, and didn't want to sit just next to the aisle in case we would be asked to sing..!

Last night's show consisted of a variety of performances. There was a modern folk music duo, allsång (=everybody sings together), Eurovision song performances from the host, a ventriloquist comical "duo", Zillah & Totte, which the kids were totally crazy about - and the main attraction, the band Timoteij.

Timoteij truly forfilled any ideas you would have about Swedish girls, they were tall, slim and blond with long, long... LONG blond hair! I haven't really heard any of their music before, but it sure was catchy - and especially Linnea liked them a lot.

Lucas was more into the ventriloquist Zillah, and her monkey Totte. He kept laughing his big belly laughs, so much that in the end I think the people around us were laughing more at him, than at her..!

The also had a raffle during the evening, and Linnea was hoping to win one of the prizes.

We were ONE number away from a prize, bummer!

As it kept going for nearly two hours it got a bit chilly in the end, but it was a really good evening. It's nice to have things happen locally and to see our little town live up, at least once in a while.

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