Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lunch stop in Malmö

The kids and I got a ride with Søren across the bridge yesterday, since he was taking his son to a friend of his in a summerhouse somewhere in Skåne.
We got dropped of in Malmö, because we had a lunch date with a friend of mine, Vicky. 

We started flying together in Premiair, but she later on switched to SAS; then moved to Hong Kong where we visited her and her family back in 2009 (?), and has now come back to Sweden, to resume her flying in SAS.

We picked up some pasta from a nearby Italian, and ate it in Pildammsparken in the continously glorious sunshine! It was nice catching up, it had been a while. 
It's so nice to have friends in many places! We are truly spoilt.

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