Sunday, 18 August 2013

Full last day

We had a busy last day today. Our initial plan was to go for a last bike ride, and "say goodbye" to the playground for this time; but they had said it was going to rain, so we changed plans.
We went to Skövde, and first had lunch at Max (yum!), then we took the kids to the indoor playground 'Stellas Lekland' where we spent 3 1/2 hours..! Still, they weren't quite ready to go home...

Then it was time for "lördagsgodis" (=Saturday candy):

We picked up pizza on the way home. Swedish pizza, and above all the Swedish pizza salad, really is something else, mmm!
And in the evening, we had the traditional magic show:

Morfar was doing some mind reading:

Bags are packed, we are ready to go. As Lucas said, and I think we all feel the same:
- "I'm excited and happy and sad, all at the same time."

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MrsC said...

...oh yes, know that feeling very well. No trip home for us this year, but we get visitors from home in Nov. Can't wait!!!