Sunday, 4 August 2013

The warmest day of the year

We were promised the warmest day of the summer today. The temperatures were going to rise up to Mediterranean temperatures - so what else to plan to do on a day like that but go to the beach!
Sure thing, we woke up to blue skies and warm sunshine - LOVELY! We packed a picnic basket and all our swimming gear, ready for a day at the beach.
Linnea was a bit hesitant, because she doesn't like the sand flies we have on the beaches back home. We had to promise there weren't going to be any sand flies here.

We chose a beach called 'Villabadet' in Lidköping. Last time we were there was just about 8 years ago with Lucas, and Linnea in my tummy! It's quite a nice beach because you can get shade from the trees if you want, and buy coffee and ice cream from the nearby café 'Skogshyddan'.
It was rather busy, of course, being a Saturday and the warmest day of the summer!

It didn't take too long before the kids were in the water. It was tricky to get all wet though, because it's a very shallow beach.

Right were we sat there was a little "island" where the wet sand was perfect for constructing sand castles. 

Here's the finished result:

And later on, with decorations and a flag!

Lucas really enjoyed playing with the clay, so he had to do a good rinse-off when it was time to go:

'Fika' time:

Hey - I was there too!

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