Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Happy Dance Day

So, after 7 1/2 weeks of summer holidays, today the kids went back to school. A day that has been highly anticipated by all I think, the kids have missed their friends and we've all been looking forward to seeing everybody again.
Lucas is starting Year 5 with Mrs Rickell and Linnea is starting Year 3 with Mrs Fowler-Watt.

Junior School has been split this term, into Pre Prep, which is Nursery to Year 2 and Prep, which is Years 3-6. So both the kids are now supposed to be in the "proper" uniform:

Although of course I had waited until last minute to try everything on, so Linnea's skirt is a bit long - even though this is the short version! Plus, I couldn't figure out this morning how to take the pleats out, ha ha, so we will have to sort that out this afternoon.

And, since my friend Kim wasn't there to do it, I did the traditional "back-to-school happy dance" all by myself in the parking lot, before I went home to have coffee in my peacefully quiet house!

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