Saturday, 10 August 2013

48 hours in Karlstad

We've just been visiting some really good friends of ours in Karlstad, Häggkvist family. We're lucky that Karlstad is only 2 hours away, we've managed to see each other most summers lately.
Linda and I met in the Horsham playground three days before Linnea was born, and we've been close ever since!

The kids get along really well too. The boys did boys things, being wild and crazy:

And the girls played quietly with little dolls:

We only had two days there, but we managed to do a lot of things. They live just next to Mariebergsskogen, an amazing park with lots of things to do. We spent some time in the playground, Lucas loved jumping off the swings:

Then we decided to take the 'Bussbåten', since it was glorious sunny weather, and go for a bit of an excursion:

We went to Café August, for coffee and ice cream. Cosy place. 

There was movie time in the evening. Valentina took a shine to Lucas, very cute!

They had a big apple tree in their garden where the kids could get their own snack:

Savannah had just learnt to ride a bike:

The second day in Karlstad was our first proper rainy day since we've been in Europe this time. It rained all day, but it was kind of a bit cosy actually!
Indoor activities it was:

All the kids:

Group hug saying goodbye:

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