Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Big Show

As a big finale to the Circus School, a big show was put on this afternoon in a park in town. It was open for everyone to enjoy, but I guess most of the audience was made up of very proud parents, siblings, grandparents and other family members..!

The audience was actually rather big! There has been three different groups in the Circus School each day, so the total amount of performers was about 25 children.
As they were so many, they had had to choose what skill or act they wanted to showcase, and we got to see a lot of different things - juggling, balancing and acrobacy.

Lucas and his friend were throwing around the 'Magic Sticks':

They were pretty good! On some photos you can't even see the sticks, that's how fast they were thrown!

Roman also participated in their act, and they did a tricky three-way-throw:

Linnea was the top of a pyramide:

She also did some balancing on the ball, with her friends, and a skipping rope:

This little kid was catching rings, two of them:

These older kids, were catching three rings simultaneously, one on each arm and one on their neck:

After the show all the children received certificates:

The kids and all their new friends, checking out their diplomas:

Finally we got treated to a quick performance by Roman himself:

I guess I'll have to frame these as some certain little people are very proud of them!

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MrsC said...

Nah, sa stilig! Sirkus-skole!! Tenker dem hadde det artig. Ser ut som dere hadde en kjempefin sommer hjemme:)