Friday, 16 August 2013

A journey back in time

This afternoon we took an excursion with Skara-Lundsbrunn Järnvägar. It's a museum railway line, and only in traffic twice a week during July and August.

The line which is used by these museum trains, was opened in 1887; but due to the increasing road traffic, all lines around Skara were slowly and steadily closed and the last regular passenger train left Skara in 1970. All the lines around Skara were narrow gauge, 3 Swedish feet = 89,1 cm.

The kids have actually been on this train twice before, we all went once a long time ago when Linnea was only a baby and they went once in 2008 only with Mormor and Morfar while I was in Stockholm. None of them remembered either trip though, so we decided to do another one today, on the last scheduled trip of this summer!

Unfortunately today they couldn't man the old steam engine due to sickness, so instead we had to go with the diesel engine. Didn't matter much.

It's all very authentic with old carriages, wagons and coaches and even the tickets were stamped with a date from years ago - 15th of August 1953!

The distance is just 12k from Skara to the end destination, but at only about 30k/h it still took us about 30 minutes to get to the little village Lundsbrunn. 

There it was time for an ice cream, and for the engine to swop direction. 

- "All aboard!!"

Time to go back, the conductor flicked a few switches, and then we were on our way!

On the way back we decided to sit in one of the open wagons. This rail trip is really such an enjoyable experience, not just the lovely views but also the soothing sound from the rail joints.

On the way we passed another railway - SNJP, Skogsmarks PutteNutte Järnväg. A private little railway  built by a true railway enthusiast. It only has a gauge of 60 cm. We were even so lucky that he was out driving around in one of the engines when we passed!

Skara views:

A nice afternoon excursion in the late summer sun.


Anna Stouvenel said...

Why is it so romantic and fascinating with trains and railways? And soothing. I sleep so well on trains.

MrsC said...

Kjempefint bilde av deg og Linnea og pappa'en din!