Thursday, 15 August 2013

The fort

Linnea is a bit of a collector. Last time we came she developed a fascination for empty toilet paper rolls, so ever since then Mormor and Morfar have saved all their empties..! The other day they surprised her with the big bag and Linnea got right into using them, deciding to construct a big fort.

She enrolled the help of Mormor with the tape and the glue, but the ideas were all hers! I must say I was mighty impressed, it's quite an extensive and complex construction!

It has several different rooms, a study, a laboratory, little people inside, cannons on the towers, crocodiles in the moat, a bridge that can be raised etc etc. We got the full tour and demonstration!

1 comment:

MrsC said...

Veldig kreativt! Det var en god ide som vi skal prove oss pa ogsa:)