Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Winter Stockholm

It sure is different to be in Stockholm this time of the year, compared to in the middle of the summer, when it's high season for tourists. The city center still is busy, especially since I always seem to visit on a weekend, but not at all as crowded as in the summer months.

I went up to see Erika, and to get some shopping done of course! It's easier in the capital, with a much bigger selection, and also slightly more efficient without the little monkeys in tow..!
We didn't do a crazy amount of shopping though, not as much as I usually do. We mostly slowly walked around and browsed since the chilly weather doesn't really make it easy to shop when you have to undress 3-4 layers each time you get into a changing room...
I did get nearly all of the things I needed off my list, but mostly we spent the weekend people-watching, relaxing over hot drinks and enjoying each other's company.

We also spent some time with another good friend of mine, Jenny. Here we are at our very long dinner Friday night, Erika & I:

David & Jenny:

Lunch time Sunday, in the sun:

Lovely, lovely sunshine!

Free coffee at McDonalds! :) That's a good deal!

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