Monday, 25 March 2013

At the Animal Hospital

While I was in Stockholm visiting my best friend Erika over the weekend, the kids were really busy with Mormor and Morfar.
They went to an 'Open House' at 'Skara Djursjukhus', the Animal Hospital here in Skara. This Animal Hospital is the oldest one in Sweden. It's been running since 1775 and it was also here the very first veterinary school in Sweden got started.

On Saturday they opened up all their premises so you could walk around and have a look. The kids could go and see the operating rooms, and where the small animals got taken care of. They also showed how they might examine horses, here by having a little pony running on a special treadmill:

And this is where they keep the all the shoes for the horses:

There was also a parade with different kind of horses:

The kids favourite horse was this one:

And there was an agility show with some very clever dogs:

There was free coffee and cake, and the kids got to ride horses outside. Now they both want to do horse riding for ASA..!

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