Monday, 18 March 2013

My 13.2 failure...

Well, with only a few hours to spare before scores were due, I went to the only CrossFit Box around this area last night to do the 13.2 Open WOD.
Although my very poor effort doesn't reflect it, I think I deserve 10/10 for dedication!

It was quite late in the day, they had told me to be there for 7pm; it was at least -5 degrees outside and to be honest, not much warmer inside the Box..! I had to drive 45k one way to get there, as there is only ONE CrossFit Box in the whole of Skaraborg; and finally - I did the WOD with the four coaches at the Box...
They used different kind of equipment than what I'm used to, and strangely enough I found myself feeling both a bit shy and rather intimidated.

The 13.2 WOD was AMRAP (=as many rounds as possible) in 10 minutes of:
5 shoulder to overhead @75lbs (=35kgs)
10 dead lift @75lbs
15 box jumps @20in

So, we had to lift 77lbs in the WOD instead of 75lbs, since they are working with kilos here in Europe and have to round up.
It must have been those extra pounds... Because I couldn't get the push press! I only managed a few, just as I had worried about.

I kind of approached the WOD wrong too. I got stuck on the lifts already on the 2nd round - and instead of resting even a couple of minutes to be able to do those last two push presses, and then with no effort be able to finish at least one more round and easily get another 25 reps - I kept trying and trying and totally tired myself out.
So I did only 33 reps. Ridiculously bad effort. (To compare, the average number for the women was 217 reps. And the best woman in the world did 420 reps!!!)
Here's Linnea, one of the coaches, she did a very respectable 275 reps:

Worst thing was that I felt really, really silly, and ashamed that I was representing our Box so badly... I was so totally out of my comfort zone, which is not like me.
The other guys were really encouraging and tried to push me, but I just couldn't get it. It really was soooo close on each attempt (see, it was those extra 2lbs ;) - but I didn't manage to lock the elbows out.

I have still posted my score though. I tried my best, at the time.
I'm not ashamed, just pissed off with myself and I wish I would've had a chance do it again, being wiser about tactics. Now I have to regroup and let it go.
I feel beat but not defeated, although I have to admit I shed a disappointed tear or two in the car on my long way back home after.

Hopefully 13.3 will be something I can do at least... Otherwise it might not even be worth the effort driving another 90k (gas is not cheap here like in Brunei!), only make a fool of myself again... :/

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