Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Open 13.1

Each WOD for the next 5 weeks of the Open CrossFit Games is released 5pm Wednesday night, US Pacific Time, which means 9am Thursday morning for us.
Last Thursday I was at the Box for the usual training and I hadn't quite understood that Mo was actually planning for us to do the Games WOD as soon as it was released! 9am we turned on the Games website to see what it was all about, and then set up to do it straight away! So I did do it then, with the others. To my surprise I managed to do it to standard, and I realized I could submit a score too - if I decided to sign up!
So I did, as you know.

For two reasons I had to redo this 13.1 WOD though, one because I hadn't done it with the competition in mind, and my burpees hadn't been properly measured up etc. - two, because the power went in the middle of our workout, so the timer went as well and no one actually got any score that morning... :/

Coach Mo especially opened the Box tonight, for those who wanted to come and do the 13.1, or redo it. So even after the busy weekend, I had a chance before the deadline to get a proper score in.
Mo also announced this was going to be the time he was going to do his WOD, if anyone wanted to come and watch. Well, this meant there was about 25 people also watching me, ha ha! You see, it was just me and the other coach, Mike, that were there to do the WOD, and Mo of course.

In the end, I thrived from the support and the cheering on! I had felt a bit sluggish coming down and doing a WOD in the evening, since I'm normally a morning exercise girl. But apparently the timing worked to my advantage, I did quite well! I had set myself a goal of under 7min for the tie break time, and I got 6.45! Stoked!

Then, it was Mo's turn... It was spectacular to watch him go at it and the atmosphere in the Box was amazing, everybody was cheering, clapping and pushing him on. What a great community we are! I snapped a few pictures with the iPhone so they are a bit blurry:

He got a total of 166 reps for this 13.1 WOD. Well done Mo!

Now we have another couple of days of exciting anticipation until the next WOD is released..! What could it be..?

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