Monday, 4 March 2013

Meanwhile, back in Brunei...

Luckily we have great friends who helped us with the kids this weekend. There was a very elaborate schedule in place since they were in school still Thursday and Friday, and then had other activities over the weekend they couldn't miss.
Lucas went on a double sleepover at Ben's house, and then he stayed with his friend Nikolas for one night. Linnea stayed with Hannah for the first night, and then with Gemma for the following nights.

Not that we could do much about it, but it really wasn't the best weekend to go away. Well, every weekend is always busy, but this one was extra busy, at least for Linnea. She had three dance exams over the weekend: Tiny Tots Theatrical, Pre Jazz Modern and Preliminary Tap.
Luckily Gemma is also a little dancer, so Linnea could come with them to the Studio and Nicole helped her with her costumes and her hair etc.

Nicole was also so kind as to send over photos continuously of their progress. They all passed their exams, and their dance teacher sent home a note saying how proud she was of the children and their conduct throughout the exams. Always so nice to hear!

Here are the girls, telling us how "they did their exam and won!" and showing off one of the medals. She got two more medals for her shield!

A big thank you to our friends who made this weekend away possible for us! It's great having such a reliable safety net of people around you who the kids are so comfortable with. Thank you.

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