Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Falköping excursion

Today, after having been to Lidköping and Skövde last week, it was Falköping's turn to get a visit. (Not much is happening in Skara you see... We have to get around a bit to keep busy!) Normally we go there each time to go to the Mini Zoo and the playground with the moon cars, but that's not open in the winter time.

Instead we made a visit to their swimming hall, somewhere we hadn't been before. The kids really liked it because it had several slides and a special round pool where they turned on a whirlpool stream every so often, like rapids! Of course they also took a few more badges to add to the collection. It's really nice to have a bit of a "mission" each time we go swimming too!
Linnea took the 'Järnmärket' (=the Iron Badge) and Lucas 'Silverhajen' (=the Silver Shark):

Then we made a visit to 'Falbygdens Ost', where we had "fika", and I finally found some lovely Easter decorations.

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