Sunday, 24 March 2013

13.3 at Södra Station

Ok, so it's another week and another Games WOD came out on Thursday. This one was a repeat of last year's 12.4 - a 12 minute AMRAP (=as many repetitions as possible) triplet, partly consisting of Karen (=150 wall balls for time).
Just like last week I started out at first by feeling very confident, thinking that "Yeah, at least I can do WBs!". Wasn't sure how many I would get, but I knew I could do them.

Then I looked back into my notes and saw I've only done Karen once before. I did manage then to finish the 150 reps under 12 minutes - but I only used an 8lbs ball. Hm...This 13.3 prescribed a 14lbs ball for women..!
So there was the doubting again, would I be able to do this at all?! Have I really become that much stronger since January?

Well, this morning I went to find out, at yet another unfamiliar Box. You see, I'm in Stockholm for the weekend visiting my bestie Erika, so I had emailed around beforehand and had been invited to join the guys at 'CrossFit Södra Station'.
I got another really warm welcome and got included straight away in the group of people who had turned up this morning to do the 13.3.
We got briefed on the standards:

We each got a judge appointed and then it was time to go. I was a bit cold at first so I stayed in my jacket... 15... 16... 17...

I quickly got hot, luckily, and I kept throwing that ball... 42... 43... 44...

Had to rest a bit every now and then..:

But I kept throwing that ball... 72... 73... 74...

In the end I got there and passed my goal of getting at least 100 - final score: 106.

Makes you wonder though, would I have pushed more having set a higher goal..? Because as soon as I knew I would hit at least those 100, I allowed myself to slow down and take more breaks.

It really is a fine balance between setting yourself a goal that will push you but still be attainable, and a goal that is too far away, so you'll get disappointed if you don't hit it.
I would never had done the full 150 today, no, but maybe i could've got 125 or 135? Who knows?
I'm sure I'll get another chance soon back home in Brunei to find out - and get revenge on Karen!

Thank you 'CrossFit Södra Station'! Gotta love the CrossFit community!

(By the way, it's still super chilly here, please note the woolly hat, scarf, leather gloves and - thermal trousers!)

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