Saturday, 30 March 2013

Naughty and nice

Before we arrived at our playdate yesterday I had a bit of a talk with the kids in the car about my expectations of their behavior.
They must have been listening, because at "fika"-time they sat nicely until our host said "varsågod" (=go ahead). When they were done they first politely asked if they could be excused and then proceeded to take out their empty plates to the kitchen on their way.
Carin was mighty impressed, and even more so later on when then kids without a single complaint or protest happily packed up straight away when I told them it was time to go.

So, at dinner time back at Mormor and Morfar's, I made a point complimenting them thoroughly on their very good behavior earlier. I also told them that Carin had thought they were such good kids; to which Lucas replied really surprised:
-"So she didn't know how naughty we are at home?!"

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