Sunday, 31 March 2013

Konstrundan 2013

Something I had really looked forward to doing this Easter in Sweden was visiting another few artists at the early 'Konstrunda' around Hornborgasjön. We did that three years ago, and I really liked it, so it was with great anticipation we set off yesterday to see what this year offered.

It was just the girls this time, as Lucas preferred to stay at home and chill - and to be honest it certainly didn't hurt for the kids to get a break from each other...
We started out a little bit late in the afternoon after the Easter Parade and lunch break etc, but we still managed to do 10 stops!
You never really know what you get though, the "exhibits" can be very different to what they read in the program, sometimes they are not described accurately or they end up being something you are actually not that interested in. Yesterday was a mix of both for us.

We started by stopping in at the sheep farm again, and Linnea got to meet some little lambs, this one was just over a week old:

This year the 'Konstrundan' had over 40 different exhibits, shops and artists' studios etc to visit, you really need the map to navigate around. Linnea kept us on track from the back seat, letting us know what was next and where to go. She had even scheduled in the fikadax (=coffee stop)!

Each place participating in the 'Konstrundan' had a big sign outside, so you would find it easily. That was an improvement from last time.

Buying hard bread and tea, at "Knäck & Bräck":

Back to the roots again, we did another stop at Mormor's childhood home Backgården, just like last time. Unfortunately noone bothered to come out and talk to us this time.

My favourite stop this time was at this place, Bolum Horisont, where they displayed both garden items, beautiful ceramics, glass and sculptural items and had a lovely coffee shop, where we finally stopped for our "fikadax"!

Then we had renewed energy for the last few stops, before it was time to head home:

We also stopped at:
Ateljé Broddetorparn (No web page)
Ateljé Holgers
Ateljé Gökhem
Gudhems Hjärta


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