Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The U-hill

The kids were really worried before we came it wasn't going to be snowy enough to go sledding once we got here. This time of the year it could really be any kind of weather, but we were lucky (...) that it's still really cold - and snowy!
So today we suited up and went out to Stora Kulhult, to go sledding in their u-hill.

Kulhult is a classic winter excursion spot around here. When I was a kid we used to have a big Sports Day once every winter, when the more brave kids went downhill skiing, and the rest of us came here, to sled!
I have lots of fun memories of coming here with my school friends, always bringing the same picnic - cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate.
We had that today too!

We needed lots of energy, cause the hill is actually pretty big! Wo needs a gym when you can walk up that hill over and over again?
Even I got riding a few times, but it was pretty scary! Since the snow is so hard, it went really, really fast!

In the end Lucas got the better idea to go along the "bottom" of the 'u'. It made him go a bit slower, but for a lot longer!

If the weather holds tomorrow we are going back for more! Otherwise I think it's about time to go and do some more swimming badges!

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