Sunday, 31 March 2013

The 13.4 no show

So... I will be a 'no show' for this weeks Games WOD, and thereby not be ranked anymore in the Open this year...
The reason? I simply can't do this WOD; and I know that without even trying.

The 13.4 is a ladder of increasing reps, starting with 3 clean & jerk at 95 lbs (43kg) and 3 toes-to-bar; continuing with 6 reps each, then 9, 12, 15 etc - for 7 minutes.

To start with, I haven't mastered the TTBs just yet, so the max rep I would've been able to get would've been only 3 at the most. But then I can't clean 95lbs and it would've be a real push (excuse the pun) to get it overhead, even once.
Not a WOD designed for me, to say the least...

I can hear you say - why haven't you at least tried??
Well, had I been home in Brunei I would've, for sure! It's always worth a try.
But here logistics are getting in the way. It would've been a 45k drive one-way, to the nearest Box, just to try and maybe get one rep.
The other option would've been to go to the local gym here in town, set up a barbell, hope someone else would be at the gym on Easter Sunday to help filming it, and then do a video submission.

Nah, you know what. I'm defeated. I should never have signed up in the first place.
Reality is - if this had been the first Games WOD, I would've realized already then that I'm nowhere near Games standards...
All I can say is, I aim to be for next year!

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