Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ice skating, take 2

We returned to Lidköping today to try ice skating one more time. Lucas was quite keen, Linnea just tagged along.
Since it's the Easter holidays, there was a lot more people at the rink today! A LOT more! Linnea decided not to go on the ice at first, and I understand her, at times it was a bit scary when the other kids who were playing hockey, came swoshing past super fast! Lucas and I started out by sticking to the side of the rink so we wouldn't get run over:

He soon found his confidence, and it seemed like it finally "clicked" for him, and he skated off, really fast! All of a sudden he was gliding across the ice, like he had done nothing else, a huge improvement from last week.
Linnea decided to get on the ice only when another little girl turned up, and off they went skating together the three of them:

Back and forth across the rink, over and over again:

On the other side of the net, they were playing ice hockey:

Really good fun today, Lucas never wanted to leave - and really wants someone to build an ice rink in Brunei! :)

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