Monday, 4 March 2013

A Hong Kong Wedding

On Saturday it was finally time for the wedding, the main reason we'd come to Hong Kong in the first place, to celebrate Grace & Aaron getting married.
It was to be an evening wedding, so after a bit of a morning stroll and light lunch, I went to have my hair done at the salon just across from the hotel. It felt like such a treat, and made me feel so good!

 Then it was time to get ready to go. We wanted to make sure we were on time, and since we had to catch a cab and weren't sure how long it was going to take, we set off early. The wedding was at 'The American Club', a Country Club set in Tai Tam on the southeastern shore of Hong Kong Island.

It was a bit of a long trip, but fortunately we made it in good time. Unfortunately, the reception was outside, and it was bone chilling cold! I had checked out the weather report before coming to Hong Kong, but it had said 20+ degrees, not 15! I so was not prepared, I only had a little knitted bolero.
I wasn't the only one who was cold though, I think we all were! We all huddled under the heaters!

Here comes the bride, looking absolutely stunning - and being 5 1/2 months pregnant!! Who would've known, she still looks fabulous!


I liked the Officiant, he was full of humour and made everybody feel relaxed. Luckily the ceremony itself wasn't very long at all, plus the Officiant was very efficiant!

Rings getting exchanged:

The kiss!

Then it was time for the endless photos. I felt sorry for the bride, she must have been cold too? Or maybe she didn't notice..! Everybody had their turn with the bride & groom. Here's Aarons family:

The Bridal Party:

 The pilots:

And just look at this little princess, Grace's niece - isn't she the most adorable thing ever? She did a great job being the flower girl, zooming down the aisle:

The dinner was held in the Vista Ballroom which was decorated beautifully.

We got these little favours to bring home, as mementos:

We embarked on a 12 course meal... Yes, twelve!!!
I did quite well, until about number eight... then I started to struggle, and believe it or not, I didn't have the desserts! There was just no more room!

Here's one of the few people we actually both knew at this wedding, Vincent, with his girlfriend Dewi. I remember him too, both from Copenhagen and EasyJet:

Aaron, Scott, Nathan and Andrew - mates going back a long, long time:

The obligatory restroom shot, I was desperately trying to get a good shot of my outfit, but only managed the upper part..:

And of course, no Kiwi wedding without a Haka! Nathan got up there with the others:

They don't do the after-dinner-party anything like we do though... It was the same thing last time we were in Hong Kong for a wedding, all of a sudden, the lights come on and it's just over!
The party had just started, the music was playing and boom - time to go! The bus was ready, and we all got shipped off back into town! Well, even though I could have gotten my dance on, I was quite happy to be going. It still took us a while to get back to the hotel, so we weren't in bed until nearly 2am - and we had certainly had a fun and fabulous night.
Congratulations Grace and Aaron!

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