Sunday, 10 March 2013

And the dancemania continues...

What a busy week, and weekend this has been!

It's been the week of the annual Showcase Concert, so the girls started rehearsals straight after their exams last weekend, and it's been going on all week. Three hours on Sunday, an hour and a half on Monday, an hour and a half on Tuesday, three hours on Thursday and four shows over the weekend... Linnea is in the 'Mamma Mia' performance, here we are back stage:

Lucas is also busy, with a football tournament. After coming home at 10.30pm last night after Linnea's last show, I was up at 5.45am this morning to take him to school to catch the bus. They're playing in Panaga again. I hope he has a great day, he was very excited!

This afternoon is Linnea's last show, and my 4th time this weekend I have to go to school!
Such a shame that everything collides too. Unfortunately the kids will miss this month's Kids Hash, which is a real shame as Linnea is up for her next cup. There is also a birthday party today that will be have to be missed - but yesterday at least, Linnea could catch the end of her friend Sebbie's party!

His Mum had made a great effort, it was a party in my own style - with a theme: Under the sea. Recognize anything..? She had borrowed my "sea" and water bubbles! :)

Beenal had baked beautiful cookies, cake pops and an amazing submarine cake; she had made a submarine piñata and all the games of course were themed too. Linnea came home with a fish magnet, a cool themed party bag and lovely under the sea drawings. Very cool!


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MrsC said...

I know. Same here. The kids' social life is overtaking mine...!!